We provide medical equipment to both Members and non-members of Kidney Support Network(KSN).  KSN Members, however, receive a discount on all items and are free of postage and handling fees.

The simplest way to purchase an item is to fill out our online order form. We will contact you to confirm availability and discuss payment options. Alternately, please contact us with your order.

Product Members Non-members
pdbelt PD Belt $14 (inc P&H) $20 ($3 P&H)
bpmonitor A&D Blood Pressure Monitor $140 (inc P&H) $160 ($7 P&H)
 optimized-weight Medical Scale $70 (inc P&H) $95 ($10 P&H)
optimized-arm Fistula Arm Protector $40 (inc P&H) $45 ($10 P&H)
optimized-exercisestrp Exercise Strap $15 (inc P&H) $20 ($5 P&H)