The Kidney Support Network (KSN) is a not for profit Association and Registered Charity providing support to people impacted by Chronic Kidney Disease – and we have provided this support for more than 35 years in Queensland.

Our incredible team of 120 Volunteers drive Patients to medical appointments; work in our Op Shops; Fundraise; attend community events; manage our Kidney Patient Support Groups; and provide patient Hand and Foot Massage.

We currently receive no Government funding to help us to help people undergoing frequent life-saving kidney dialysis; kidney transplant recipients; children with kidney disease or Renal failure; or to provide kidney health awareness programs.

KSN is the only Queensland organisation providing personalised support to kidney patients, including patient transport to Renal Units; Kidney Patient Support groups; Information and Resources; Relaxation Massage for dialysis Patients and the amazing Childhood Kidney Support Program – and yes, children and babies and healthy young people can suffer from Kidney Disease or Renal Failure.

We urgently need Community and Corporate support.

Your donation can help KSN to help Kidney Patients and the Community in the following ways:

  • $10.00 provides one short trip to Dialysis for a Kidney Patient
  • $50.00 provides transport for one Patient for one week of life-saving dialysis treatments (3 sessions)
  • $100.00 provides weekly return transport for two Dialysis Patients
  • $600.00 provides a set of tyres for a KSN Transport Vehicle – Tyre Sponsor needed
  • $1,500 provides new Kidney Awareness Information Brochures (Bronze Sponsor)
  • $1,500 provides balloons, Awesome Kidney Kid teddy bears and activities for the Kidney Kids Program
  • $2,500 provides 100 Volunteer Uniform shirts (Silver Sponsor) – Volunteer Uniform Sponsor needed
  • $5,000 provides one year of Dialysis transport for two Patients. (Gold Sponsor)
  • $5,000 enables KSN to assist a Regional patient support group activities (Gold Sponsor)
  • $20,000 allows KSN to replace an ageing transport vehicle (Platinum Sponsor) – Vehicle Sponsor needed
  • $20,000 fuels a patient Transport vehicle for 12 months (Platinum Sponsor) – Fuel Sponsor needed
  • $100,000 allows us to continue for another 3 Years and introduce new Support programs to Regional areas, including the Childhood Kidney Support and Patient Massage (Diamond Sponsor)

Your donations of $2.00 or more to KSN are tax deductible.

 The Kidney Support Network and Kidney Patients thank you for your support.

If you are able to donate to KSN, go to our Donations Page on this Website, or contact the KSN Secretary at PO Box 457 Redcliffe Qld 4020DID YOU KNOW:

  • One in three Queenslanders are at increased risk of kidney disease
  • One in seven Queenslanders has early Chronic Kidney Disease
  • A person can lose 90% of kidney function before symptoms arise
  • Healthy kidneys process and clean 100% of the body’s blood supply every 5 minutes
  • 500,000 Australians may have some form of kidney function impairment
  • End-stage kidney disease is five times more prevalent in Australia’s First Peoples
  • Most commonly transplanted organ in Australia is the kidney
  • Without healthy kidney function, we may die
  • Kidney patients on dialysis, need to visit a hospital renal ward 3 times per week. Dialysis sessions last up to 5 hours, plus travel time. As a result, patients are severely financially disadvantaged and suffer emotionally
  • Ambulance transport to hospital is expensive and usually unnecessary for dialysis patients and impacts on Queensland Ambulance emergency resources

Risk Factors impacting kidney health include diabetes; hypertension (high blood pressure); smoking; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander ancestry; family history of kidney disease.