If you have kidney disease, you are not alone!

Below is a collection of heartfelt stories from everyday people about their life with Kidney disease. These are stories about determination, love, loyalty and appreciation. They depict the hardship that patients have gone through and how they overcame these struggles to maintain a normal life. Through these stories we hope to provide an inspiration that can give strength and encouragement to others to continue fighting and to never give up hope.

KSN have compiled a DVD detailing the journey of Kidney Patients who have undergone a Kidney Transplant. If you would like receive a copy of our Inspiring Journey DVD, please call us on: (07) 3855 9781.

  • Little Luka’s Story

    The eight water bottles 19-month-old Luka Woodward used to take to day care would make any camel proud, jokes his mum Debbie, 34, from Shorncliffe in Brisbane. But behind the humour is an exhausted woman waking eight times a night to keep her son alive. ‘When Luka was first born he was a happy bouncing […]
  • Amanda’s Story

    Amandas’ kidney failure stemmed from the development of type-one diabetes. After being on dialysis for about 6 months she was able to receive her transplant in 2006. Amanda described the transplant experience as a “miracle”. The transplant has opened doors to new opportunities and allows her to live the normal life she has always dreamed […]
  • Bethel’s Story

    Bethel had a kidney transplant that failed 8 years ago, and is still on the transplant waiting list for another transplant. Her kidney failed due to urinary reflux. Bethel lived in an environment with little medical support so it was hard to receive early treatment for kidney disease. From her experience and hardship from suffering […]
  • Janelle’s Story

    Since age 10, Janelle has lived with Type I diabetes. This did not stop her pursuing a career as an opera singer and travelling the world. She sang full-time with the Australian Opera, Sydney, and Frankfurt Opera, Germany, before going blind at age 29 from the complications of diabetes. Returning to Brisbane, Janelle established Salubrious […]
  • Frank’s Story

    If you’d met Frank Vig, you might have described him as a gentle, diminutive, softly spoken and hard of hearing grandfather. You might also have known him as the co-founder of the Queensland Renal Association (now Kidney Support Network(KSN) or the man on the cover of the October 2009 KSN magazine – being celebrated at […]
  • Karl’s Story

    Karl was first detected with kidney disease in 1984. After 20 years of difficult, but good health management, he reached end-stage renal failure, when he was then undertaking renal dialysis. Three months later Karl was lucky to receive a kidney transplant. Upon receiving his transplant Karl endured a lot of setbacks in terms of health […]
  • Les’ Story

    Les’ journey started 15 years ago when he developed bladder cancer. This then developed into cancer in the kidney. With that kidney removed Les was living with one kidney for over 5 years. The cancer then spread to the other kidney. Les has been living on dialysis as a result of his second kidney being […]
  • James’ Story

    James had faced kidney complications over an extended period of time. It gradually led to a point where he was required to undergo dialysis treatment. Being on dialysis has greatly impacted James’ life. It is a period of time where life seems to have stopped.“ Basically, life revolves around dialysis 24/7”, he described. It was […]
  • Matty’s Story

    Matty was diagnosed with Kidney Disease at the age of 3. He received his first transplant at the age of 13. It was a live donation from his mother, therefore, Matty recalled things proceeded with less complication and emotional strain. “Everyone around me was telling me that, you know life will get better from here […]
  • Steve’s Story

    Steve is a transplant recipient who has been able to sustain a healthy kidney for the past 26 years. The result didn’t come without its own share of emotional and physical drawbacks. However, he hoped to share his experience to help give readers some insight about kidney transplant. The whole transplant procedure flies through relatively […]