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KSN Support Groups

Kidney Support Network (KSN) understands the value of strong communities for those who are affected by kidney disease. As a result, one of the service strategies we have is to encourage the development of support services throughout Queensland.

Our support services are informal resources that provide social support and helpful spaces for people who are impacted by Kidney Disease. The aim is to give each other moral support, useful tips, hints and practical advice and share our kidney journeys.

Support Services

To find out about the current active support groups and support service-points please check the table, or email us at [email protected].

If there is no support group currently operating in your local area, why not start one! We are available to help you in any way needed to get your new group up and running and we will provide you with ongoing advice and support. Contact 1800 358 797 to find out more!

Volunteering with KSN – we are always looking for more volunteers to help our Support Groups to help kidney patients.

Type Location Contact Details
Redcliffe and Northern Districts – Support Group



PO Box 457 Redcliffe
Qld 4020
Coordinator: Gail Taylor
E: [email protected]


Transport Coordinator: David Gill
M: 0428 051817

Sunshine Coast Branch Office




1  Gannawarra Street
Currimundi QLD 4551
Branch Coordinator: Kathy Rayner
P: 07 5314 2013
M: 0410 755 476
E: [email protected] 

Transport Coordinator:

M: 0410 755 475

Mackay Branch – KSN Head Office 1/ 235 Shakespeare St
Mackay QLD 4740
General Information
E: [email protected] 

Operations Manager: Liza Williams
P: 0428 877 028
E: [email protected]


Transport Coordinator: Trevor Porter
M: 0428 791 747

Rockhampton/Gladstone Support Group Coordinator: Katrina Duff
P: 07 4920 7928
Townsville Support Group Coordinator: Darryl Coyne
M: 0438 268 419

First Peoples and Multicultural Support

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island intro1

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is generally more prevalent in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) population than in the non-indigenous population. The statistics are serious, with everyone of the ATSI community currently being ‘at risk’ of kidney disease, and the risk of having chronic kidney disease increases with age.  Currently within the ATSI community evidence suggests that 97% of those over 55 years old have reported as having at least one long-term health condition. However chronic kidney disease can potentially develop at any age. The most common cause of kidney disease for ATSI patients is diabetes (high blood sugar).

The ATSI population are at a higher risk of developing CKD due to various lifestyle choices and medical conditions. These include increasing age, low birth weight & infant malnutrition, adult weight gain, signs of syndrome X (increasing blood pressure, insulin, blood glucose, and lipid levels), skin infections, post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis, excessive intake of alcohol, repeated pregnancies, family history of CKD and smoking.

Mortality rate is also much higher among the ATSI population and statistics have indicated that the morality rate for ATSI women is three times higher than for ATSI men. High mortality is partly linked with the high rate of withdrawals from treatment by patients due to personal challenges. Some of the common challenges includes attending cultural duties, distance from treatment, not finding suitable housing, changing social circumstances and communication problems.

Kidney Support Network understands the impact kidney disease can have on patients and their families. Our services are designed to help patients overcome some of the challenges they may face. To better support the ATSI community we have developed services that can make their lives easier. These include:

  • Regular transport to and from the hospitals for dialysis;
  • Convenient accommodation for transplant patients;
  • Peer support for Indigenous patients;and
  • Information & resources that addresses the needs of the ATSI community.

The Kidney Support Network acknowledges the traditional owners of country, and their continuing connection to land, sea and community. We respect their cultures and elders, past and present.

Childhood KSN

cksnlogoThe Childhood Kidney Support Network (CKSN) aims to enhance the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of children and young adults who have Kidney Disease.  The CKSN also provides peer support for parents of Kidney Kids.

Having your child diagnosed with Kidney Disease can be a very isolating and frightening experience. Talking and sharing your experiences with others who also have a child with Kidney Disease can provide great support, reassurance and help ease the situation.

As well as our support programs and services, CKSN offers parents, children, teenagers and young adults a network of contacts who understand the ‘kidney journey’.

CKSN is run entirely by Volunteers and funds raised are used for our programs and services.


Parent Support

CKSN provides opportunities for parents and families to share their experiences relating to their child’s ‘kidney journey’, and offers support and advice on how to live a full and active life despite Kidney Disease.  We also have a visit program where a CKSN volunteer can visit parents and children, on request of the parents, while at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Kidney Kids Program

cksn-teddyOur Kidney Kids Program includes our ‘I’m an Awesome Kidney Kid!’ Teddy Bear and soft throw rugs and quilts for when children are having treatments in Hospital.  We also have an awesome Kidney Kids Christmas Party every year where every child receives a gift. These and other events are a welcome distraction from dialysis, constant hospital admissions, medications and doctors’ appointments.  It also reduces the isolation children, and parents, may feel when diagnosed with a chronic illness.  They are excited to be a part of the Kidney Kids family!


Resource Library

CKSNs’ Resource Library is a FREE service providing families access to a variety of books, brochures, booklets and information regarding Kidney Disease in children.

CKSN Facebook Group

Our active Parent Facebook group is a closed group.   The group is based on peer-support principles, where parents can share experiences, offer support, advice and ask questions.


Ambassadors and Mentors Program

Our Ambassadors and Mentors are young adults, teenagers and children who are eager and happy to connect and share their ‘Kidney Journey’ and experiences with others. Talking to others who are going through the same experiences can be a much needed opportunity to share stories and information, emotional issues and receive and provide support.

For more details please contact:

T: 0428 877 028
E: [email protected]
F: CKSN Facebook

Massage for Dialysis Patients

circulation-therapyKSN offers a fantastic Hand and Foot Massage Service for renal patients in hospital dialysis units, in Brisbane, North Lakes  and Redcliffe.

The service provides patients the opportunity to enjoy a hand and foot massage during their dialysis session.

This service is greatly appreciated by many of kidney patients, as it can help circulation and also provide a relaxing reprieve whilst they are undergoing dialysis as well as providing some much needed social contact.

It is a free service and we hope to expand the service to include more regional dialysis units throughout Queensland in the future. Please contact us on 1800 358 797 or at [email protected] today to find out if this service is available in your local area.

Our Volunteers

The service is provided by a dedicated team of Volunteers and is aimed at improving the lifestyle of those affected by Kidney Disease.

We are also seeking more Volunteers to help us with the Massage service. It is a non-clinical massage and training is available to get you started as a KSN Volunteer. Check our website to register as a Volunteer.

Patient Accommodation

Kidney Support Network (KSN) has revitalised its Patient Accommodation business model and has now partnered with Isla House at Annerley and Greenslopes.

This is one of our early partnership successes as a new Committee and will assist KSN to support and guide patient accommodation needs. Isla House PA is adjacent to the Princess Alexandra Hospital (pictured) and Isla House Greenslopes is near the Greenslopes Private Hospital.

What is Isla House? … I hear you asking

Isla (i-la) House in Brisbane is a privately owned accommodation facility providing a range of short and long-term accommodation rooms and suites for patients attending hospitals in Brisbane.

Isla House PA is directly across the road from the PA Hospital (opposite PA Emergency entrance in Cornwall Street) and Isla House Greenslopes is close to the Greenslopes Private Hospital (cnr Juliette and Bunya Streets). Both facilities are only minutes from the Brisbane Central Business District and public transport options.

Accommodation ranges from well-presented and comfortable self-contained private rooms, interconnecting rooms for families (Isla PA) and well-appointed shared facilities accommodation (Isla Greenslopes), including amazing common areas and gardens to create a homely community feel.

Isla House management can provide transport for patients with their mini bus and they provide regular social activities for their visitors. A truly connected and welcoming environment for patients and families needing to be away from their homes.

For more details on the Isla Houses

Remember, accommodation referrals via the Kidney Support Network (KSN) raises valuable revenue to support services for Kidney Patients.

Please note:

We will soon officially launch this partnership and are keen to hear from Volunteers in the Brisbane area who may be able to assist KSN and Isla House with patient transport, reception and administrative services and to help with Isla House patient social events such as BBQs. Please contact us on E: [email protected] or Free call: 1800 358 797 if you’re interested in this volunteering opportunity.

Peer Support

It can be frightening when you, or your loved one, is first diagnosed with Kidney Disease. At the Kidney Support Network (KSN) we understand that kidney patients sometimes need to chat about what is going on and how they are feeling about their ‘kidney journey’. We can put you in touch with someone who is living with Kidney Disease, on dialysis, carers of kidney patients and transplantees working with kidney patients so you can have an informal, friendly chat with someone who has first-hand knowledge and understands your concerns.

phone a friendPhone a Friend Program

Want a phone call from a friend? We know how important it is to regularly touch base, so KSN has set up a service where a group of friendly Volunteers will offer friendship calls to patients around Queensland. This is a great way to engage in life discussion and make new friends. To enquire about this service please call us on 1800 358 797.

Hospital Visits

On special occasions throughout the year, KSN Volunteers set up small and friendly events at various renal units throughout Queensland to interact and have fun with patients. In addition, with the help of our Volunteers who fund raise for us, we are able to provide items that aim to make dialysis more comfortable for the patients.

Social Outings

Occasionally we organise social outings, for example BBQs, bus trips, trivia nights and more. These are great opportunities for kidney patients, their carers and friends to have fun and socialise with other kidney patients.


The Kidney Support Network specialises in providing timely, reliable door-to-door transport to and from hospital dialysis sessions and medical appointments for renal patients.

At the Kidney Support Network, we understand the needs of kidney patients and to have the flexibility to support patients when things suddenly change with appointments and individual health needs.

We are an accredited Community Transport Provider in Queensland.

For our insurance purposes our Transport Service can only be provided to Kidney Support Network (KSN) Members. We are unable to provide general public transport.

Membership contribution costs $20 per year. Become a member today!

We currently provide transport service at our following branches:

  • Mackay and Sarina
  • Sunshine Coast

Contact your nearest branch to discuss your transport needs.

The KSN Patient Transport service is a fee for service arrangement, as we receive no Government financial support for this service. Costs are based on the distance to and from Hospital, so discuss your needs with the Local KSN Branch Manager or Transport Coordinator

We have wonderful Volunteer drivers to provide transport to and from patient appointments. Each Volunteer driver undergoes extensive training to be able to provide the best possible assistance to our patients.

KSN has an ongoing need for compassionate Volunteers to help support our ever increasing desire to help people affected by Kidney Disease and to promote kidney health and education among the wider community.
Find out more about volunteering with KSN.

Information & Resources

As part of our support services, Kidney Support Network (KSN) offers an information booklet about Kidney Disease, treatment options, and, tips on dealing with various health and lifestyle issues. These booklets are designed to give answers to some of the commonly asked questions. It is encouraged that you seek advice from your GP if there are specific issues that concern you. If you wish to receive a physical copy of the booklet, feel free to contact us on : 07 3855 9781. Below are the booklets provided by KSN.

  • Kidney facts for you: provides a general overview about Kidney Disease;
  • All About You – Chronic Kidney Disease: Outline risk factors and tips on maintaining your health; and
  • All About You – High Blood Pressure: Provides information especially for those with high blood pressure.

KSN also hold copies of booklets from other health organisation ranging from in depth information about specific Kidney issues to various health management tips and ideas. Some of the key booklets include:

  • Kidney Failure Options: Details the different treatments for patients with Kidney Failure;
  • Withdrawing from Dialysis Treatment: Provides answers to frequently asked question concerning treatment withdrawal;
  • Kidney Donation by live donors: For people thinking of becoming live kidney donors; and
  • Time to take some health measures?: Contains simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of Chronic disease and maintain a healthier life.

For information or resources, please contact [email protected] or Free call : 1800 358 797

Kidney Donation by Live Donors



Live kidney donation is a gift by choice and not by chance.

It is a gift of a normal functioning kidney from one living human being to another.

Live kidney donation is usually charged with lots of emotion. Giving an organ to enhance another persons life is a momentous event!

Download the brochure.

Polycystic Kidney Disease



Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is quite a common kidney disease in which cysts (fluid filled sacs) are formed in the kidneys.

PKD is a hereditary disease and hence a family disease. It affects both kidneys although one may be affected earlier than the other and/or more than the other.

Download the brochure.

Latest Renal Medical Research

implantable-artificial-kidneyImplantable Artificial Kidney

Nashville, Tennessee USA: Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nephrologist and Associate Professor of Medicine, Dr William H. Fissell IV, is making major progress on a first-of-its kind device to free kidney patients from dialysis.

He is building an Implantable Artificial Kidney with microchip filters and living kidney cells that will be powered by a patient’s own heart.

“We are creating a bio-hybrid device that can mimic a kidney to remove enough waste products, salt and water to keep a patient off dialysis,” said Fissell.

Dr Fissell says the goal is to make it small enough, roughly the size of a soda can, to be implanted inside a patient’s body.

To read more of this entire article, please visit the website:

New algorithm points the way towards regrowing organs and limbs

mogrifyAn international team of researchers has developed a new algorithm that could one day help scientists reprogram cells to plug any kind of gap in the human body.

The computer code model, called Mogrify, is designed to make the process of creating pluripotent stem cells much quicker and more straightforward than ever before.

A pluripotent stem cell is one that has the potential to become any type of specialised cell in the body: eye tissue, or a neural cell, or cells to build a heart. In theory, that would open up the potential for doctors to regrow limbs, make organs to order, and patch up the human body in all kinds of ways that aren’t currently possible.

To read this entire article, please visit the website:

Medical Equipment

We are currently reviewing the Medical Equipment program.  Please contact us if you require a PD Belt.

Product Members Non-members
pdbelt PD Belt $14 (inc P&H) $20 ($3 P&H)

Community Speakers

The Kidney Support Network can provide speakers to community groups who are seeking information about Kidney Disease.

Why have a presentation about Kidney Disease?

Community speakers can inspire your group members to improve their kidney health. This is vital considering that 1 in 3 adults over the age of twenty-five are ‘at risk’ of Chronic Kidney Disease in Australia.

We currently have speakers available throughout Queensland who provide basic information on a number of topics including:

  • What is Kidney Disease?
  • Are you at risk?
  • Prevention.
  • Treatments.
  • Life with Kidney Disease.
  • Organ donation.
  • KSN services and programs.

To book a speaker or express your interest in having a speaker present, please contact our Head Office on 1800 358 797.

The presentation material has been developed for general information and educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your health care provider if you have, or suspect you have, a health problem.