cksnlogoThe Childhood Kidney Support Network (CKSN) aims to enhance the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of children and young adults who have Kidney Disease.  The CKSN also provides peer support for parents of Kidney Kids.

Having your child diagnosed with Kidney Disease can be a very isolating and frightening experience. Talking and sharing your experiences with others who also have a child with Kidney Disease can provide great support, reassurance and help ease the situation.

As well as our support programs and services, CKSN offers parents, children, teenagers and young adults a network of contacts who understand the ‘kidney journey’.

CKSN is run entirely by Volunteers and funds raised are used for our programs and services.


Parent Support

CKSN provides opportunities for parents and families to share their experiences relating to their child’s ‘kidney journey’, and offers support and advice on how to live a full and active life despite Kidney Disease.  We also have a visit program where a CKSN volunteer can visit parents and children, on request of the parents, while at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Kidney Kids Program

cksn-teddyOur Kidney Kids Program includes our ‘I’m an Awesome Kidney Kid!’ Teddy Bear and soft throw rugs and quilts for when children are having treatments in Hospital.  We also have an awesome Kidney Kids Christmas Party every year where every child receives a gift. These and other events are a welcome distraction from dialysis, constant hospital admissions, medications and doctors’ appointments.  It also reduces the isolation children, and parents, may feel when diagnosed with a chronic illness.  They are excited to be a part of the Kidney Kids family!


Resource Library

CKSNs’ Resource Library is a FREE service providing families access to a variety of books, brochures, booklets and information regarding Kidney Disease in children.

CKSN Facebook Group

Our active Parent Facebook group is a closed group.   The group is based on peer-support principles, where parents can share experiences, offer support, advice and ask questions.


Ambassadors and Mentors Program

Our Ambassadors and Mentors are young adults, teenagers and children who are eager and happy to connect and share their ‘Kidney Journey’ and experiences with others. Talking to others who are going through the same experiences can be a much needed opportunity to share stories and information, emotional issues and receive and provide support.

For more details please contact:

T: 0428 877 028
E: chil[email protected]
F: CKSN Facebook