It can be frightening when you, or your loved one, is first diagnosed with Kidney Disease. At the Kidney Support Network (KSN) we understand that kidney patients sometimes need to chat about what is going on and how they are feeling about their ‘kidney journey’. We can put you in touch with someone who is living with Kidney Disease, on dialysis, carers of kidney patients and transplantees working with kidney patients so you can have an informal, friendly chat with someone who has first-hand knowledge and understands your concerns.

phone a friendPhone a Friend Program

Want a phone call from a friend? We know how important it is to regularly touch base, so KSN has set up a service where a group of friendly Volunteers will offer friendship calls to patients around Queensland. This is a great way to engage in life discussion and make new friends. To enquire about this service please call us on 1800 358 797.

Hospital Visits

On special occasions throughout the year, KSN Volunteers set up small and friendly events at various renal units throughout Queensland to interact and have fun with patients. In addition, with the help of our Volunteers who fund raise for us, we are able to provide items that aim to make dialysis more comfortable for the patients.

Social Outings

Occasionally we organise social outings, for example BBQs, bus trips, trivia nights and more. These are great opportunities for kidney patients, their carers and friends to have fun and socialise with other kidney patients.