Karl’s Story

Karl was first detected with kidney disease in 1984. After 20 years of difficult, but good health management, he reached end-stage renal failure, when he was then undertaking renal dialysis. Three months later Karl was lucky to receive a kidney transplant.

Upon receiving his transplant Karl endured a lot of setbacks in terms of health and recovery, as well as managing his finances and supporting his family. After his transplant procedure and waking up, Karl felt a great and overwhelming emotional experience of entering a new life. It was a hard but rewarding experience going through such a life-changing process of kidney transplant.

That was not the end for Karls’ hardships though as, 18 months after the transplant, he suffered significant pain and setbacks. He received good counselling help to implement good strategies to manage his setbacks. As a result he’s had a over 4 and a half years of good health. He’s changed a great deal emotionally since the transplant.